Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Suitor Number Three.

Alright ladiessssss. Suitor number three is commenter Baughb. Never heard of him? Well he is a bit shy. Here is a picture of him. That my face is cropped into. Clearly, he has access to my facebook. Anyways, here is his survey for you to cruise.

Have you ever dated or been associated with Elisha Cuthbert, Alyssa Milano or Hillary Duff? If yes, have you been recently tested for a venereal disease?

Yes. I also had a thing w/ Marty B's daughter to spite him.

True or false: My ass is bigger than Sidney Crosby's.
True. However I am not Gary Bettman's secret child

Rate your flexiblity on a scale of 1-10. 1 is Kyle Wellwood and 10 is Roberto Luongo.
Negative 7 off ice. Somewhere around an 8 on the ice. I have a pretty wicked butterfly stance.
Your stick is: wood or composite
Whichever you'd like. I normally wrap my wood in composite.

Sarah Palin is......
a. destroying hockey
b. using it for political gain
c. I'd tap that

(note: C will result in application denial)
- B. She was booed. It was amazing.
Don Cherry is....
a. full of shit
b. composed entirely of shit
C. Who I wanted to be for Halloween

You like to go: top shelf or five hole
Five hole. I like the wrap around if shes dirty enough.

High heels at games; yes or no
I love the sound of heels (weird I know), so acceptable at all times if you can walk in them.

Role playing potential: can your acting skills rival the likes of Derek Roy?
No. But I can go down like Sid the Kid (no homo)

My dad is Michael Therrien. He says he wants to meet your soft ass. How much do you love me?
More then you could imagine.

Your girlfriend wants a custom jersey for their birthday. But you utterly hate and despise the team and player that she wants. Do you still buy her the jersey?
Yes. As long as she likes said person for a legit reason. Like cool hair.

Your girlfriend asks you if "you wanna go? you wanna go" in a thick Canadian accent. Explain your following actions in detail. Slower....yeah. Just like that.
I'd tell her what I was aboot to do, ya know, and say "Take off eh" in referene to her toque. And then... you know.

The Slapshot question: On a date, would you bring your fucken toys with ya?
Only if she brought hers too.

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