Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Suitor Number Four.

Next up for the ladies we a representative of The Pensblog. If this isn’t a true renaissance man, I don’t know what is. I’m thinking rose petals and bubble baths lined with candles… nobody romances it up like the Penguins fans.

Have you ever dated or been associated with Elisha Cuthbert, Alyssa Milano or Hillary Duff? If yes, have you been recently tested for a venereal disease?

No to the Cuthberts and Duffs.

True or false: My ass is bigger than Sidney Crosby's.


Rate your flexiblity on a scale of 1-10. 1 is Kyle Wellwood and 10 is Roberto Luongo.


Your stick is: wood or composite


Sarah Palin is...

a. destroying hockey

b. using it for political gain

c. I'd tap that 

(note: C will result in application denial)

Don Cherry is....

a. full of shit

b. composed entirely of shit

You like to go: top shelf or five hole

Top shelf

High heels at games; yes or no

No high heels

Role playing potential: can your acting skills rival the likes of Derek Roy?

No to Derek Roy

My dad is Michael Therrien. He says he wants to meet your soff ass. How much do you love me?

Love you a lot.

Your girlfriend wants a custom jersey for their birthday. But you utterly hate and despise the team and the player that they want. Do you still buy them the jersey?

Buy the jersey for her then burn the house down.

Your girlfriend/boyfriend asks you if "you wanna go? you wanna go" in a thick canadian accent. Explain your following actions in detail. Slower....yeah. Just like that.

I would beat the crap out of her.

The Slapshot question: On a date, would you bring your fucken toys with ya?

No to the toys.

A girl is wearing a pink hockey jersey. but you find out she know about everything about hockey. she is smart, witty, can rattle off stanley cup teams from years ago. does the pink jersey make her less attractive?

In that case, she could be wearing a jersey comprised with feces.  It wouldn't matter.  She would be attractive.

You're at a hockey game and your team is loosing and you look pissed. An ice girl approaches you and asks to cheer you up. Do you accept a blow job or a hand job?

Hand job, 'cause she might kiss her kids good night with that mouth.


Vern said...

Is that guy wearing a Ferrari kilt?

dani said...

"No to Derek Roy"

WINNER! haha